Episode 48 – Halloween Party Episode!

What a year of disappointing, frustrating, surprising and terrifying moments it has been! Pandemic, wildfires, political unrest and more have threatened to shut down Halloween. And now, as it winds every closer to our favorite holiday, we want to remind … Continue reading Episode 48 – Halloween Party Episode!

Episode 42 – Warlock

The holiday’s can be rough for everyone and it turns out this year was especially daunting for some of the Dread, Fright & Brew gang! We managed to get together and craft an episode for this Julian Sands classic, but not without a few challenges along the way… A recording window of a couple of hours, down a member of the crew, two Boston Terrier puppies left without supervision other than those of us at the table, exploding beers, technical difficulties and a bunch of other woes plagued the recording session like an agent of evil stood against us behind … Continue reading Episode 42 – Warlock