Episode 17 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two…It’s Dread, Fright & Brew.  Three, four…we’re back for more!

It’s Episode 17 and we are tackling a behemoth!  We delve deep into the secrets and stories behind Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece and Robert Englund’s groundbreaking portrayal of the Springwood Slasher, Freddy Kruger.  Lee finds time to terrorize us with a frightening story all his own.  Aaron can’t keep his “E.R.” television physicians straight and mixes up his high school horror flicks in the process.  We play a rousing game of “Guess who got started in horror films”…and fairly unanimously suck at it.  All this and more in an episode straight out of your dreams…or nightmares!





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