Episode 18 – Identity

It was so much fun talking about the twists and turns of Identity that we had to take not one, but TWO, spoiler alert breaks on this one.  And we are the folks that hate talking spoilers at all!  Boom!  Duality.  We also find the time to discuss a seriously awesome foudre-aged sour ale from Urban Family Brewing.  Grace discusses the ramifications of holding a serial killer get-together.  Lee learns that John Cusack really IS in Stand By Me.  Aaron learns (after some off-air Googling) that there really were “Roman Barbarian Wars”.  Lee tries to pronounce “Khamoshh…Ki Raat” without offending anyone.  And Aaron has an idea for the greatest piece of Podcast memorabilia ever…the Dread, Fright & Brewmu.  To quote Juan, “When in doubt…mumus out”.



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