Episode 21 – Return of the Living Dead

We are back from the grave and ready to party!  It’s time to discuss another horror behemoth, and they don’t come much more awesomely entertaining or influential to the genre than The Return of the Living Dead.  From talking zombies to homeless actors, hiding fascists to tension on set, and of course Linnea Quigley as a punk Barbie doll; there is just so much to chat about!  After taking a detour down the history of zombie films and the relation to Romero’s works, we get down to feasting on the guts of a great film…and an equally great beer.  Rising from the dusty domain of Aaron’s beer cellar (a box in the corner, let’s be honest) after more than two years, comes a Brasserie Dieu du Ciel Belgian style Quadrupel that was simply to die for (and maybe dig your way up for too!).  Send… More… Subscribers…






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