Episode 22 – Dead Alive

Maybe you know it as Dead Alive; maybe you know it as Braindead.  Heck you might just know it as the movie that critics have said is the “goriest fright film of all time”!  Before tales of Hobbits, Gandalf and The One Ring, Peter Jackson plied his trade in blood, limbs, guts and more blood!  Few films have made such a lasting impression on their viewers, and it seems that nearly everyone can remember the first time they were treated to this carnival of ridiculous dismemberment.

Maybe this is why we had such a hard time staying on track in this episode and wound up enjoying the film as it played across the room more than we found ourselves “reviewing” it.  We did manage to work in some discussion about blood pudding, cosplaying a human centipede, anal leakage, Leo Dicaprio, Lee’s Batman costume story (yes, again!) and of course the origins of a reanimated butthole, because hey…we’ve set standards to be met!  All of these hijinks are the fault of Mitch Gillan, owner of Portland, Oregon’s favorite geek hangout The Nerd Out (@thenerdoutpdx) and long time friend of the podcast, who chose the film for this episode and joins us for the fun!  Grab yerself a can of Santiam’s Bloody Hell IIPA and slip outta those uncomfortable work clothes and into something a little more…disposable.  Yer gonna get bloody.



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