Episode 23 – The Shining

We were recently fortunate enough to host a release party for Oakshire Brewing‘s new hazy IPA!  This was all the more special since the can of this beer is adorned with the unique pattern of the carpet from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.  In this episode we review this Kubrick cinematic masterpiece, based on the best selling Stephen King novel, and pair it with the delicious new offering from Oakshire.  Sitting down with us is Jodi Campbell, the Portland area sales rep for the brewery and long time friend of the podcast.  Also featured is some live content from The Nerd Out PDX which was recorded live during the release event!

Of course, all of this sounds pretty great, but we can assure you that there is plenty of our normal ridiculousness going on as well…  We discover there just might be a certain genius in being a jerk (or vice versa), decide that we take most of The Shining hidden message conspiracy theories to be garbage, survive a pterodactyl attack, find that Lee gets “beer boners” and hold the first ever Dread, Fright & Brew Fact-off!

Very special thanks and shout outs to Oakshire Brewing for letting us be a part of all this, brewer Dan “Motherf**king” Russo and his team for creating this amazing brew, the marketing folks who decided that a horror-based graphic was bankable and Jodi/George for working some “day of” magic to get this whole thing pulled off.  Cheers!





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