Episode 40 – Halloween Season Special 2019

It’s no secret that this is our favorite time of year, and once again we want to share some of that love with you! Each of us discusses a favorite horror film that just has to be part of our October viewing and offers up a seasonal beer to go along with it…but we, of course, find it ever so hard to stay on track.

Several of us find it oh so hard to talk about only one movie, Lee continues to under appreciate the majesty of great sour beers, Aaron takes on the challenge of editing out all the references to “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, Juan shares his distaste of certain hairstyles, we discuss what is and isn’t a slasher film and Grace gets pretty. darn. drunk.

In other words…business as usual! Happy Halloween to all of our Brewligans and remember that Fear Goes Better With Beer.

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