Episode 43 – Black Christmas 2019

Yeah, yeah yeah. So we’re the last ones on the block to kick out a review for Black Christmas 2019…but here it is anyway! Not gonna lie; we didn’t like it. At all. In fact, all four of us hated it with a passion, but this passion led us to some of our most intense film discussion ever. We even dive into the heavy social inequality message of the film and weigh in on some hot topic issues.

Now, this IS Dread, Fright & Brew after all, and our Brewligans have come to expect a certain wandering of the minds. Have no fear, we still get derailed discussing putting candy in your popcorn, the dangers of signing onto a film before reading the script, Lee recently torturing us with what seemed to be 3 hours of Meatloaf songs (which is like 2 songs), Black Metal beer pairings, a ridiculously skewed and wildly juvenile discussion of nudity in horror films, and we still have time to invent multiple new words. Just what is “Atrocitorical” anyway? All this over some amazing brew from Nightmare Brewing.

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