Hope for Horror: Support Independent Cinemas!

We hope that this post finds all of our Brewligans in good health and hopeful spirits! We, like most of you, are just doing our best to keep afloat, stay busy and occupy ourselves with things more positive than we see in the news. It is important that we all take the impact and continuing threat of this COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, however we also shouldn’t lose our focus on what comes “after” while we are stuck in this mess “now”.

With this in mind, the great guys at Horror Movie Talk Podcast and our good friends at The Scariest Things Podcast have started the ball rolling on looking forward to the impact that the social distancing mandated closures will have on the businesses that bring us what we love most…quality, independent horror movies. We couldn’t be more proud than to join them and all of you, our Pacific Northwest horror communities, in finding ways to save local, independent cinemas and theaters!

It is easy to take for granted the midnight showings of a beloved fright flick, the limited release of an inventive and unique cinematic voice, the double features of b-rated monster movies, the newly restored genre classics returning to the big screen and of course the horror film festivals that we anxiously await all year long. These events are not the work of AMC, Cinemark, Marcus or Regal! These are the heartfelt contributions of businesses owned and operated by members of our own communities and staffed with passionate film lovers just like us. Together we can and must ensure these businesses survive!

The Scariest Things Podcast has been hard at work on an expanding list of independent cinemas around the country which support the horror genre and give back to the fans in the way of curated picks and horror festivals. They are also wanting feedback from YOU about the local cinema that means something special to you and your community!

Instead of simply covering the same ground, we encourage you to visit their updated list of cinemas and their histories here: The Scariest Things: Save our Independent Cinemas!

Reach out to them at info@scariestthings.com to suggest a cinema that needs saving near YOU.

Below you will find just a few of the local cinemas that we at Dread, Fright & Brew Horror Podcast hold near and dear to our hearts. We hope that all of our Brewligans are able to come together in this effort and prove that the horror community is strong, passionate and supportive of our own!

Let’s bring some Hope for Horror!

Aaron, Lee, Grace & Juan

Joy Cinema – Tigard, Oregon

Joy Cinema Scare-A-Thon is one of our favorite experiences every year! But the Joy Cinema isn’t making us wait for the weird during these troubled times. “The Weirdness will not go away! Follow us on Facebook for info on our WEIRD WEDNESDAY REMOTE Watch Parties! It’s your chance to join in and watch some truly bizarre movies and chat with friends. See our Facebook page for updates and details every week.

Gift Cards: Click Here

The Hollywood Theater – Portland, Oregon

“The Hollywood Theatre is a Portland landmark with a national reputation for award-winning film programming, innovative educational programs, and providing fiscal support for local filmmakers. We show classic and contemporary films, host live performances and special guests, and produce innovative film series like Queer Horror, B-Movie Bingo, and Kung Fu Theater.”

The Academy Theater – Portland, Oregon

“Originally launched in 1948, the Academy Theater was a popular Montavilla destination until its closure in the 1970s. Over the following years, it fell into disrepair, but a full-scale renovation was completed in 2006, including careful restoration of the glittering rounded lobby with its soaring, metallic two-story dome. Great attention was paid to every detail of the project. Using vintage photos from the original opening night, even the theater’s signature marquee has been recreated to imbue the building with authentic 1940s charm. …Our hope is that when people enter the lobby, they won’t just feel like they have stepped back in time, they will feel like they’ve actually stepped back into a gloriously colorful 1940s movie.”

Cinema 21 – Portland, Oregon

“Built in 1926, its original name was The State Theater. The venue showed silent films with live organ and had an orchestra pit for musical accompaniment. Over the decades it’s been called The Vista, 21st Avenue Theater and finally starting in 1962, Cinema 21. In 2013, two additional screens were added in the adjacent space with a new concessions bar and restrooms in the lower lobby. The original theater was renovated with new seats and screen, projection and sound equipment, carpeting and paint in 2014.”

The Beacon – Seattle, Washington

“The 50-seat theater is a new addition to Seattle’s cinema scene, co-founded by Tommy Swenson and Casey Moore. They screen an eclectic, curated selection of both new and old, avant-garde and mainstream films.”

  •  No Gift Cards / Merch Currently – Show them some love and business when they reopen!

Blue Mouse Theatre – Tacoma, Washington

“Threatened by a proliferation of huge theater chain multiplexes, hard times fell upon neighborhood movie theaters in the late 80s and 90s. In 1993 a small group of activists and preservationists, fearing that a plan to “re-adapt” the theater into office space might become the buildings fate, joined together to purchase and restore the property. To this day they call themselves the Blue Mouse Associates. At eighty five, and one of the very oldest continuously operating movie theaters in the country, The Blue Mouse continues on with sights on her hundredth birthday.” Friday Night Frights for the win!

  •   No Gift Cards / Merch Currently – Show them some love and business when they reopen!

Darkside Cinema – Corvallis, Oregon

“Open since April 2005, Darkside Cinema is the only independently owned and operated movie theater in Corvallis. Except for this COVID-19 mandated closure, WE ARE OPEN EVERY NIGHT, playing independent, foreign, and art films you won’t find at the local megaplex.”

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