Episode 45 – 28 Days Later

First up, it’s disclaimer time! We recorded this episode back in February and attitudes were a little different about the impact that COVID19 was having and where we saw it going. We since thought about not releasing this episode in an abundance of caution for our listeners, but then realized that the horror community turns to horror to relieve the stresses of real life. Often times we find ourselves purposely submerged in the very places our fears reside, so that we can experience coming out on the other side.

Plus, 28 Days Later is just a damn fine virus movie…or is it zombie movie…or is it both?! We delve into this unresolved debate over a great collaboration beer from Brouwerij West and Humble Sea breweries. We dig into the various ways in which 28 Days Later was received by audiences upon its release just after 9/11 and learn that Juan might be the only one of us with a realistic idea of what we would all find ourselves doing in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Also, a reminder to join us in supporting your local independent cinemas during this time of social distancing and business closures. If you want to help ensure that we will have midnight showings, horror film fests, monster flick nights and artistic small screen releases…now is the time. Visit the following links for ideas on how to get involved!

The Scariest Things Podcast: Save our Cinemas

Horror Movie Talk Podcast: Support Local Cinemas

Dread, Fright & Brew Horror Podcast: Hope for Horror

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