Episode 46 – Dead & Breakfast

Well…we’re back. Sorry in advance! This time around we cover a movie that we were all a little nervous about, but wound up enjoying quite a bit. “Like a Bad Horror Movie…Only Worse!” says the cover, but we seemed to disagree. More like a bad horror movie…only fun! Anyway, it stars Bill from Kill Bill, Negan from that zombie show that just keeps going, Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, Darry’s sister from Jeepers Creepers and a bunch of other people that make you say, “Oh, hey, it’s that dude!”

We also manage to talk a bit about one of our favorite breweries located right here in the Northwest, Barley Brown’s. While we sip lovingly on their Breakfast Stout, we also manage to go deep into Lee’s past and discover the exact moment 15 years ago that Barley Brown’s beer turned Lee against hoppy IPAs forever. Show us on the pint where the mean beer hurt you Lee!

And, because it is us, you will also be subjected to us discussing our bare liquor cabinets, whether or not male genitalia has taste buds, a disturbing turn to our love affair with In-n-Out burgers, and far more than the required amount of talk about bloody poops. So what are you waiting for?

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